Backing up your data is one of the most important things your business can do. For almost every business, there is some data that if lost or damaged, could spell doom for the company. That’s why it is very important to choose the best off-site backup service your company can find. The question is, what is that service?

In this review, we’ll take a look at one of the more popular services: MozyPro. MozyPro is a business class automatic off-site backup solution. It offers a wide range of pricing and storage options for small and medium sized business. But is it the best choice for your business?

What does MozyPro do and how does it work?

MozyPro is an online, automated backup service. It works through software installed on your computers. The software uploads files to the Mozy cloud for backup, where they can be constantly updated and maintained by the software. Then if you need a file back or need to restore your computer after a crash or disaster, all you have to do is go to the Mozy site and download the files you need.

MozyPro is best suited for small and medium size business. It is a month-to-month or yearly plan service, which gives your business a certain amount of storage for automated backups (these amounts range from 10GB to 1TB).

They have a wide range of plans. The price of each plan is based on the total storage that comes with it. For example, their lowest plan, which costs $20/month comes with 10GB of storage. Their highest priced plan, which clocks in at $380/month, comes with 1TB of storage.


There are several great things about the MozyPro service. For one thing it provides automated backup for your most important files, which means you can set it up and forget about it. You’ll only need to remember it when you need to restore files after they’ve been lost. That’s nice since it reduces its dependency on you remembering to do your monthly or weekly backups manually.

The next great thing about MozyPro is that it allows you install it across all of your computers. That way if you have files spread out over several workstations, you can back them all up. For an additional monthly fee you can also backup servers and NAS.

Another excellent option that MozyPro has is the ability to access your files anywhere. They have mobile apps and a web interface, which allows you to easily access your files when you need them. Unlike a lot of their other options, they don’t nickel and dime you for this option.

All businesses are worried about security. It’s such a concern that there are laws about what kinds of data can be stored off-site. MozyPro offers military-level encryption, which means you can safely store your company’s data on their servers.

The safest way to protect your data is to ensure that it exists in at least three places. The first will be on the computer where it originated. Second is on an off-site server or computer (MozyPro takes care of this). Finally is a local backup, usually an external hard drive. One of the best things about MozyPro is that the software that makes it work also includes the option to automatically backup to both the cloud and to an external hard drive so you do in fact have all your bases covered.

Finally, MozyPro comes with excellent options. It allows you to select which files and storage locations you want backed up, and allows you to choose how often you want the backup performed. You can choose to have it constantly checking for changes, which is the best option since it keeps everything safe, or a more regulated backup schedule like monthly or weekly.


Like almost every service on the planet, MozyPro has some downsides. The biggest con it has is that it is pricey, especially when compared to other services. $20/month is fine, but when you consider that you are severely limited when it comes to storage, it isn’t that great a deal. Services like BackBlaze and Carbonite offer better storage options for less money.

For example, Carbonite offers unlimited backups (no size restrictions) starting at $300/year. Other services offer similar options. MozyPro, on the other hand, has a lot of plan options, but fails to deliver for customers who need more than 1TB of storage. In this day and age, when files are getting bigger, this could be a big problem for some companies.

MozyPro is fine if you only need to backup one or two computers, and only need to backup small files. Once you have larger files, huge NAS servers, and lots of hard drives, it quickly becomes too expensive.

Should your business choose MozyPro?

In the end, is MozyPro right for your business? The answer will depend on how you expect to backup your computers. If you want to backup just a few computers and locations, with small files, then MozyPro is one of the best online backup solutions you can find.

On the other hand, if you want to backup a ton of computers, with large files and/or a lot of files, then MozyPro isn’t the best choice since it limits the amount you can store.

To choose you should take inventory of what exactly you want to have backed up to the cloud. If it’s under the 1TB limit (for the highest priced plan), then you should consider MozyPro. If you want to backup more than that (like everything), then you should take a look at some of Mozy’s competitors. Chances are you’ll find more storage and pay less.

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