Mac Software

  • 250ishowu

    iShowU HD Review

    Technology is an amazing thing. It has empowered humans to take commerce, industry, and knowledge to an entirely new level. One of the problems with this great technological age is that people who know about technology, and understand how to use i...

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  • Best Screen Recording Software for Mac OSX

    Need to do some screen recording on your Mac? Want to make video tutorials? Need to show a client something your working on whilst you explain the concept? There are many reasons that you might want to record the screen of your mac and there ar...

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  • 2501password

    1Password for Mac Review

    Passwords are a necessary evil. You need your information and devices to be secure, so you use a password. The problem is twofold. Either the password is too short and your information is vulnerable, or the password is too long and you can't remem...

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