• 250bblaze

    BackBlaze Online Backup Review

    Backing up your computer is one of the most important things you can do to protect your computer. Hard drives don't last forever. Houses burn down, get flooded, and get robbed. The old saying "It won't happen to me", comes to mind. When it does ha...

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  • 250ishowu

    iShowU HD Review

    Technology is an amazing thing. It has empowered humans to take commerce, industry, and knowledge to an entirely new level. One of the problems with this great technological age is that people who know about technology, and understand how to use i...

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  • 250dropbox

    Dropbox - Your Stuff, Anywhere

    There are a ton of “backup” services out there. From Mozy (which we just reviewed) to services like Box and Google Drive; all of them try to do something different, while offering essentially the same service. Dropbox is one of the largest file-sa...

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  • 250mozypro

    Mozy Pro Online Back for Business

    Backing up your data is one of the most important things your business can do. For almost every business, there is some data that if lost or damaged, could spell doom for the company. That’s why it is very important to choose the best off-site bac...

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  • 250syncplicity

    Syncplicity: Online Backup Service

    With the number of online backup services that are available at the moment, it can be hard to sift through and find that one that really offers something unique. One service that works well for backup purposes that you might not have otherwise con...

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  • Best Screen Recording Software for Mac OSX

    Need to do some screen recording on your Mac? Want to make video tutorials? Need to show a client something your working on whilst you explain the concept? There are many reasons that you might want to record the screen of your mac and there ar...

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  • 2501password

    1Password for Mac Review

    Passwords are a necessary evil. You need your information and devices to be secure, so you use a password. The problem is twofold. Either the password is too short and your information is vulnerable, or the password is too long and you can't remem...

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  • Volusion vs. 3DCart

    Rounding out the “big three” ecommerce shopping cart service providers, after BigCommerce, are Volusion and 3DCart. While both have been around since the late 1990s, Volusion and 3DCart represent slightly different approaches to shopping cart serv...

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  • Shopify vs. FoxyCart

    Among ecommerce shopping cart providers, Shopify is notable for being one of the flashier services; their website and client have a slick, Mac-influenced look, and they claim some big names among their client base, including the animation giant Pi...

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  • 250shopifyvbcartel

    Shopify vs. Big Cartel

    While some of the big-name ecommerce shopping cart providers seem to encourage potential online shop operators who have their sights set on being the next Amazon, there are a couple who have spared a thought for the more modest among us. One of th...

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  • 250shopifyv3dcart

    Shopify vs. 3DCart

    Although Shopify and 3DCart are two of the better known ecommerce shopping cart providers out there, there are some significant differences in what they offer to potential users. These differences can have a major impact with respect to how well e...

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  • 250shopifyv1shopcart

    Shopify vs. 1ShoppingCart

    While the majority of ecommerce shopping cart providers offer a somewhat similar feature set and essentially try to differentiate themselves with details, there are a few “outsider” services that take a radically different approach. One of these i...

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  • 250shopifyvvolusion

    Shopify vs. Volusion

    Shopify and Volusion are two of the best known and most popular hosted shopping cart providers. Both have solid customer satisfaction records and are considered “safe bets” for just about anyone who is getting into ecommerce. That being said, thei...

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  • BigCommerce vs. Volusion

    Hosted ecommerce shopping cart services have become very popular in the last decade or so, and perhaps the two most popular of all are BigCommerce and Volusion. Volusion has been around since 1999, while BigCommerce, although it has a pedigree tha...

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  • BigCommerce vs. FoxyCart

    When it comes to choosing an ecommerce shopping cart service, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the most basic questions you’ll need to answer is how much programming you’re willing or able to do in order to get your site looking the ...

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